Developing regions and cities


Towards a digital future

Building strong cities and regions



Clusterlands Sweden has over 10 years of experience in creating, building and implementing digital strategies for cities and regions. We have a strong belief in digitalisation as a way to create sustainable, healthy and prosper society. Our main expertise lays within ICT as a tool for growth and wellbeing, but also as a way to solve many of todays challenges. Let us help your society to start a journey towards a more sustainable future. 

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Analysing your environment


We have the tools to analyse how digitalisation can improve life in your society and how to make a succesful digital agenda

Clusterland Sweden digital strategy

Digital strategy


We have helped cities like Dublin, Luxembourg and rural areas in Bulgaria with digital strategies

Clusterland Sweden implementation

Implementation that works


We know that change doesnt come from reports and workshops. We create impact thorugh strong implementation strategies




With over 10 years of experience from development of cities and regions our work process has been tested and used several times. We believe in a straight forward approach, direct actions and implementation measures that are realistic and possible to use in reality. Even though our work often results in reports we make efforts to develop implementation plans and concrete actions that our customers can use.



We are experts in running workshops that leads to concrete actions and results that are usable.


We know that no report or analysis is worth anything if the implementation fails. That is why we focus on this phase.


We are frequently key note speakers on conferences, meetings and events. Talk to us about how we can inspire you

Reports and analysis

We write reports that you can understand. And use in your daily work and development.




We never take an assignment that we don't think we could deliver on or if we don't think that our measures will make impact. Also, we never take an assignment that is not within our field of competence. In those cases we have a huge network within Europe, US and Asia that we know can help you in the best way. And we never charge for just an advice or a cup of coffee when we are around. So contact us and let's have a talk about you, your challenges and goals. We promise it will be worth the time.